Frequently Asked Questions about Online Casino


1. What is the online casino?

Online casino is a resource that allows you to gamble through your browser or by downloading a special program. The number of options is rather extensive: roulette, blackjack, various table games, lottery, keno, and, of course, the most popular one is slots.

Can I play for real money?

In most online casinos you can play for real, as well as for virtual money. After making a deposit, you can immediately start playing any slot you like for real money.

Is it possible to win in online casinos? Is it a fair game?

In an online casino you can really win a lot of money, but every player knows that in general, over a long period of time playing in the casino, no matter how much you win (of course, if it’s not seven-figure jackpot), you can certainly lose.

In licensed casinos, things are done fairly, and winnings are completely random. So do not believe in a variety of “winning strategies” and “patterns” – they simply do not exist.

Is an online casino out there that does not operate fairly?

Unfortunately, to date, quite there a quite a lot of websites that present themselves as online casinos on the Internet, but they are not. In fact, such resources simply steal your money, without any possibility of winning or withdrawing your funds.

Detecting the majority of them is not very difficult – they often have a poor design and fake soft, which stand out immediately (experienced players will immediately understand that they are being tricked).

There are also more advanced fake gambling websites, which are more difficult to expose. The first step one should take is to check if a website has a license, if possible, address of jurisdiction which issued it, as well as – a physical office address, if available. This information should be available on the home page of the casino at the bottom, and it must readily given in chat with support team. If the site has no such information, it is likely to be fraudulent and using real money in it is very dangerous.

2. The principle of operation, technical details

How do the online slots work?

When you play slots in most online casinos, the game takes place directly on the server of software vendor. The most popular ones today are Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Novomatic, and others. Thus, players are guaranteed a predetermined percentage of return of money on any given slot, and the casino can not affect your wins or losses in any way.

Slots with a progressive jackpot are located separately. These are ones the jackpot of which may vary from a few tens of thousands to seven-figure payouts, or even more. In such slots the winning pool is collective between players, and the jackpot is part of all the money of players of all casinos who have played in each separate slot across all casinos.

However, there are “scripted slots” in which the game takes place directly on the casino server, and payments, returns, and even loss of bonus games can be adjusted manually by a casino manager. Almost all fraudulent casinos have such scripting software, so if still you have decided to play on such website, try to find reviews on sites with a good reputation about an online casino you want to play at before you use your money there.

What is RTP in slots?

RTP – is the percentage of return of invested money in a slot in the form of winnings. That is, if the RTP in slot = 95%, then in the long run for every $ 1 contributed, it must give back 0.95 cents in the form of winnings.

The biggest payoff for today is recorder on slots from NetEnt and Microgaming. It is about 96%.

Which slots are worth playing?

There is no clear definition of slots which you should to play. It all depends on your personal preference. However, it is necessary to differentiate low dispersion slots and high dispersion slots.

The slots with low dispersion allow you to win more often, but it will mostly be a small prize (up to X400). Slots with high dispersion give you an opportunity win large sums of money, but the game would be extremely dangerous and it is necessary to have large reserve rates (100 and more) since in the short run it is likely to eat your money.

3. How to choose an online casino

Outline casino selection criteria

Before you choose a particular casino, you must make sure it satisfies the following:

  • – The casino has a good reputation and there are no problems with the money withdrawal or any other black spots on the reputation;
  • – The casino has a license. An additional plus is the presence of a physical office address;
  • – The country from which you will be playing is on the list of countries allowed to play at the online casino;
  • – There are bonuses for players from your own country;
  • – There are bonus on your first deposit;
  • – All necessary payment systems for depositing and cashing in are supported.

More casinos selection criteria

An additional advantage for choosing a casino may be the following:

  • – Minimum and maximum deposit;
  • – Convenient game currency;
  • – Additional bonuses, cashback, a loyalty program;
  • – Convenient Support Hours.

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4. Registration and deposit

Usually, the registration form is simple and comprehensible for anyone. Be sure to fill in all the details correctly, or there might be problems with the withdrawal of money.

The registration process and the security of personal data

All personal information that you provide during registration is confidential. It is only required to verify and confirm your identity, so there is no need to worry.

If you have any problems with registration, please contact Casino Support. The best and fastest way to do it is through live chat.


For starters, you will need to determine the method of depositing money to your account. Among the most popular ones are Payments system payment system, and others.

After that, just follow the on-screen instructions and complete the payment.

Money is credited to your account immediately and you can start playing immediately.

5. Bonuses in online casinos

Bonuses in the casino give the player an opportunity to receive additional money for playing back or free spins (in specific slots).

Types of bonuses

There are several types of bonuses, deposit and no deposit ones, as well as cashback.

Deposit bonus (extra money or free spins) is received when you deposit a certain sum of money. As a rule, the largest bonus is given on your first deposit.

No deposit bonuses are granted for the registration at the casino, or just for playing on their site at the manager’s discretion.

×Tip: after major losses do not hesitate to ask support for no deposit compensation in the form of money or free spins.

Cashback is a return of a certain percentage of your lost money for a specific period on your bank account. For example, last week you placed bets totaling $ 500. If your cashbackis 5%, you will be credited $ 25 with the cashback payment.

What is Wager?

Wager is a factor that represents the number of times you must wager the bonus amount before you can withdraw any winnings. On average it is 20-40. The higher it is, the harder it is to wager the bonus. In other words, the lower the wager, the better it is for you.

Attention! What should you pay attention to?

It is important to always read and abide by the rules of getting and wagering each bonus. The main points to take not of include the following:

  • – Wager of bonus;
  • – Period. How much time do you have on winning it back;
  • – The maximum allowable bet. Limit bet for each spin, which may not be exceeded when trying to wager your bonus money;
  • – Restriction on the specific slots. List of slots which cannot be used to win back the bonus.

If you violate any of the rules, all bonus and won money may be debited from your account!

6. Account Verification

Why verification is necessary?

To be able to withdraw money from your gaming account, you must go through the standard procedure of verifying your account. This is done for a variety of reasons. For example, the procedure exists so that minors could not gamble or so that one and the same person would not create multiple accounts.

What documents are required for verification

A standard set of documents for verification at online casinos includes:

  • – Scan or photo of your ID;
  • – Photo of bank card with which you’ve made a deposit or a scan of the payment system check;
  • – Bill or bank statement with your name or the name of a close relative.

7. Possible problems with a casino

Delayed payments

Delays with payments can occur in all, even top-end casinos. If you have verified and confirmed your account and did not break any rules, then it should not take more than 7 days for the payment to be processed.

Account suspension

Account suspension at online casinos can only occur in case you breach the rules of the casino or at your own request.

The most common violations include the following:

  • – Multi-client. A situation where the same person is registered several times;
  • – False personal data. Account created with a different name or address;
  • – Wagering the bonus while bypassing the casino rules.