Slots Money Management

Many people love playing online slots, but fall into the trap of not knowing how to budget or not knowing when to stop. While you can leave your credit cards at home when you go to a land based casino. It’s not so easy when you’re playing at home on your PC. We will be looking into some of the things to keep in mind when playing slots at an online casino, and how to play conservatively while still having fun.

Made your selection

There are a lot of video slots to choose from at online casinos and it’s therefore not easy to find the one that’s most suited for you. Most players will jump from slot to slot until they find the most enjoyable one. But we would recommend that you first look at things like pay lines and coin sizes. Once you have made your selection, then choose which slot you want to play most. As a start, do not play at maximum bet as this will make your money go faster. While the winnings may be more, it’s much better to start with smaller bets (and therefore smaller winnings) which will increase your bankroll. You can however play max bet if the machine has a lower betting range. For example machines that only has a max bet of $2, but that also depends on how much money you’re planning on spending.

Which brings us to the next point: setting a budget. You should always decide before the time how much you are planning on spending. Make one deposit and, when that money runs out, log out of your account until your next gaming session. Which may be the next day or a week later – but don’t make a deposit immediately again. It’s also good to look at match bonuses that the online casinos offer as that might make your money go a bit further, but take note of the wagering requirements.

Set yourself a budget

As you set yourself a budget, you should also set a playtime limit. For example, you will decide that you will play for 1 hour only. If your money is finished before the time, then stop playing. Have a look at possible reasons why, for example you were playing at max bet instead of smaller wagers, etc. Come up with a new strategy or choose a new game and try that for your next gaming session. Even if you still have money after your predetermined playtime, log out of your account and keep that money for the next time that you play. Important to know is that you should always quit while you’re ahead. Many players make the mistake of being on a winning streak and continue to play, not realizing that they are starting to lose. So if you had a massive win and you’ve met the wagering requirements, rather cash your winnings in and make a new deposit with your next session.

We hope that this article has helped you in making a responsible decision when playing online slots. Now all you have to do is to choose a casino, select the right game for you and have fun.