Slots Tips and Strategies

While many players play slot machines for fun, most of us would admit that we play to win. But is there any secret to coining it on slots? Is there a way to crack the system? Do the frequently advertised e-books hold the key? Or should one just follow a few basic guidelines to make the most of your gaming experience. The short answer? All things point to the latter.

Basic Slot Machine Tips and Strategies

By sticking to the following tried and trusted tips and advice from players and casinos, you can ensure that you get the best value for your money.

  • Decide on a budget before your gaming session and stick to it
  • Play in guest play mode first for free if you want to get a feel for a game
  • Place smaller bets if you want your bankroll to last longer
  • Place max bets when it is required to win a jackpot or get a bonus
  • Never chase your losses – walk away when you’ve won
  • Don’t place bigger bets when you see that you’re losing
  • Don’t waste money on material claiming to hold the secret to slots
  • Don’t play slot machines with the intention of making money
  • Enjoy Free Spins if your casino offers you this benefit
  • Myths around Slot Machines

Slot Machine Tips and Strategies for Winning

While some say slots are programmed to pay out at a designated point in a cycle or only on max bets, this is simply not true as gaming software uses Random Number Generator technology. This ensures that the outcome of each spin is totally random and independent of any other spin.

At land-based casinos, it’s even been believed that the temperature of the coins you’re using to play could influence the slot machine’s payout probability – old, new, hot or cold, your coins will have no effect on the outcome of a spin. Another myth is that a slot machine that hasn’t paid out for a while is due to do so soon – this is not a hard and fast rule and has left many players disappointed.

Choosing a Slot Machine

Choose the game that’s right for you. Take your pick from classic slots, video slots and progressive jackpot slots (see the types of slot machines). If you play a game that you enjoy and find entertaining, you won’t feel like you’ve completely wasted your time if you don’t win.

Odds of Winning a Jackpot

Rule of thumb is that the bigger the jackpot is, the harder it will be to win. However, there are many overnight millionaires who found their fortune on progressive slot machines, who would vow that each spin was worth it.

Casino Payout Percentages

All licensed casinos adhere to strict industry standards and are audited annually. With a little investigation, you should be able to ascertain exactly what your preferred casino’s payout percentages for slots and other games look like. Online casinos that carry the industry watchdog, eCOGRA’s seal of approval are very transparent regarding their payout ratios. Simply find their logo on the casino sites, click on it, and you’ll get to view their percentage payout reviews for all games including slot machines.

In Conclusion

The real winners on slot machines are the players who know when to stop playing. If you plan your session, stick to a budget or timeframe and know when to walk away, you could actually end up with more money in your pocket.