USA slots and casinos


Here you will find top online casinos in USA, the rating was created by professionals and gamblers with many years of experience and  reviewed by our experts to make sure you get a list of the best of the best and do not waste your time. You will find here some guidelines, which we hope will be useful for you to become a good player and enjoy the game, and, most important, to win a lot of money! These include: some peculiarities of various casinos, how to  play particular games and recommendations which hopefully will help you win some real money. The US players are restricted as for the choice of online casinos, but the list of the casinos we offer is perfect for those who wish reliable and top ranking  place to play.

All of the above mentioned casinos are legal gambling sites and you can be sure that they are safe and trustworthy. All of them have been tested as for the  payouts, reputation, customer support. All this was done to offer you quality gaming environment. All of the online casinos we recommend have been licensed and tested for fair gaming practices. We follow certain criteria to award the casinos with our approval, which include :the have to accept USA residents, accept Visa and MasterCard deposits, regular and prepaid, have a license, have USD payouts and we talk to the customer support members to check the quality of their service.

Criteria to select the best casinos

  • All of them offer high payback
  • The casinos are open for USA residents
  • The casinos offer easy paying methods, including Visa and MasterCard deposits
  • All of the above mentioned casinos are certified and have a license
  • The casinos have USD payouts
  • We secretly checked the members of the customer support, and all of the above listed casinos have passed our test

Mobile phones

Nowadays we cannot imagine our life without mobile phones. That’s why everything possible is done to make your gaming experience more comfortable, so that you can play your favorite games with the help of your mobile phone or tablet at any time and at any place you wish. To do that you’ll need to sign up with a casino, almost all of them have mobile compatible games. Usually you can play online, but sometimes you will need to download an app to your telephone. You can also perform all the payment procedures with the help of the phone.

Live dealer games

Some people prefer live dealer casinos, they feel more comfortable and secure communicating with a real person. When you see a real dealer, table, cards and the shuffle you get the real feel of being in a casino, all the thrill and excitement. Some players even tip the dealer in online casinos.

Payment processors

There are fewer options  of US payment processors, moreover there are many  restrictions, so you have to choose from those few  available, maybe it is not that convenient as in other countries, but still it is better than nothing.

Is it legal to gamble for US citizens?

As  you know, Online Gambling in the US is restricted, but it is legal. The processing and acceptance of player’s payments to online casinos by banks is illegal . The list of the casinos we recommend was thoroughly checked by our experts and you can be sure that it’s completely legal to play in those online casinos for the US residents. So, if you want to play in a legal, trusted and well checked casino, which will offer you great gaming and guaranteed money withdrawals, then you are welcome to choose any casino from our list or to try each one by one and see which  one you like best. We promise – you will not regret it!