Fat Cat


Coming from the successful Wager Gaming Technologies shed of online slot games, Fat Cat has become a top favorite with many online players as a real money game. It is a big slot machine game with 5 reels and 20 paylines, the highest wager that can be placed is a staggering $200 on one spin, no doubt the payout can also be equally big in this generous game. Players can strike some big rewards in this game if they are willing to take the risks. The animations are very good and make the game fun to play.

How to Play

The bets range from a minimum of $ 0.10 to a full $ 10 per line as a wager. This game has some nice symbols for game play, the Fat Cat represents the bonus as well as the wild symbol and his girlfriend, yes! Fat Cat has a cute girlfriend called Kitty Cat. The Dollar sign is for the scatter and jackpot, whereas the butler, the riches, money bag and medallion 9 are the other symbols to play with.

Bonuses, Strategies and Tips

There are some big winnings to have in this game. The jackpot prizes are 5,000 coins for 5 Fat Cats and 2,000 coins for 5 Kitty Cats. There are 3 other big prizes of 1,000 coin each making this quite a high payout game. Playing Fat Cat on autoplay is a very good option as it will free you up to play on multiple machines at the same time and if you get lucky you can win up to 100 times your betting amount. Another very good option in the autoplay mode is that you can choose the number of spins for every autoplay cycle. Starting with 5 spins and going up to 500 spins this can really help you control multiple games and you can increase or decrease your betting amounts as the game proceeds.


In review, you will know very soon why this game became a top favorite in a very short span of time. It is high scoring and gives big bonuses along the way, on the whole an excellent choice to play with real money.