Slots guide

Net Entertainment

The success of NetEnt

In this article, we would like to talk a bit and reflect on the game developers for online casinos, in…

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rtp of slots

RTP of slots. Dispersion and Volatility

RTP – short is for the phrase Return To Player. This indicator tells us how much money we will lose…

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online slots tips

How to play Online Slots more successfully

Online Slots are one of the best ways to land big cash prizes and instant rewards, they regularly out-pay things…

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best online slot

5 of the best Online Slots

Online Slots are one of the hottest mobile gaming opportunities for players looking to earn big rewards while enjoying action…

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types of slot machines

Types of Slot Machines

Great variety of slot machines Thanks to modern technologies and its fast developing, year after year true casino game lovers…

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progressive jackpots

Slots with Progressive Jackpots

Many people dream of that one thing that will change their lives completely, and most of the time this dream…

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slot machine odds explained

Slot Machine Odds Explained

Your chances of winning in slots When starting playing slot machines each and every person think about his\her chances to…

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5-reel vs 3-reel slots

5-reel vs 3-reel slots comparison

Slots players that have been around even before online casinos started to flourish, will be very familiar with 3-reel slots,…

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slots money management

Slots Money Management

Many people love playing online slots, but fall into the trap of not knowing how to budget or not knowing…

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win slots

How to Beat the Slots

Every slots enthusiast wants to win playing slots, but only a few will win the kind of jackpot that’s big…

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5-line slots

Types of 5-Line Slots

Since the 60s there has been a consistent rise in popularity of 5-line slot machines, which in recent years has…

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slots tips & strategies

Slots Tips & Strategies

While many players play slot machines for fun, most of us would admit that we play to win. But is…

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play slot machines

How to play slot machines

Slot machines today Slot machines are so popular today that you can hardly find at least one land-based or online…

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