Types of Slot Machines

Great variety of slot machines

Thanks to modern technologies and its fast developing, year after year true casino game lovers have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality casino games produced by world famous manufacturers. Of course slot machine games are one of the most popular. This type of casino games are so popular and appealing for players, because they have a simple gameplay which is so easy to understand, great graphics, interesting themes, navigation in the game and good music. We’ve gathered for you all types of machines available today online and ready to tell you about their most important features.

3-reel slot

This is an old-school game that is highly appreciated by certain groups of players. These machines offer 3 reels and well known symbols like gold bars, sevens, fruits, bells, etc.

5-reel slot

These are modern slots that usually offer their players several bonus features, additional symbols that increase the score, give free spins, award’s multipliers and many other bonuses.

Fruit machines

It is easy to understand by the name of machines that there are fruit symbols in them. This type of slots has two variations: four-reel and five-reel. Though they are not very popular among players of online casinos, you can find these games in land-based ones or in some pubs.

Progressive jackpots

The main feature of these machines is their possibility to make you rich! It does not give frequent awards, but while players make bets, the jackpot increases. So, the one who wins, gets the full amount of the jackpot, which amount finally may reach the sky. After the prize was won, the process is launched again, and the jackpot will rise until someone will get it. Of course, there is guaranteed prize (e.g. one million) which is rising day after day.

Video slots

3-reelSlots that are one of the most popular and easy to be found in all types of casinos are video slots. Their popularity is caused by the great graphics and animations, super sound effects and interesting and exciting gameplay.

Multiple pay lines

Multiple pay lines slot games give its players many winning combinations at different angles, while others have only one winning line. In other words, choose and bet at as many lines as you want and raise your chance to get a reward. Of course, the more lines you will choose to bet, the more money it will cost.